Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Cupcake!

More like Hello Retard!  Yep that's me...absolutely no piping skills what-so-ever and apparently no direction reading skills either.  Ok ok you're right, I am my own worst critic.  So let me back up...

I have been wanting this book from Amazon for awhile now:

So while at Lowe's I eyeballed the book and wanted some instant gratification and paid double for it.  I immediately poured over each and every page, strategically skimming over the detailed instructions at the beginning of the book.  I laid my eyes on the Sunflower Cupcakes and hatched a plan.  That plan was carried out yesterday.  Here are the results:

Do you immediately notice there are only FOUR cupcakes?  I made a half a batch which are twelve for those who don't know lol.  Jalen got three.  These are the only one's that were presentable.

So here is what I noticed throughout the process.  Don't use generic cookies in your recipes if you need them to be whole.  They shed...crumble, get all over the place.  BOO!  So every time I touched the bag to the cookie to make a petal it would literally fall off because the cookie crumbled.  

Another problem was the method used for tinting the frosting took FOREVER!  So I got all A.D.D. and left the cupcake base as light green instead of a deep grass green.  You literally dip a toothpick in the gel coloring then in the frosting, back and forth until you achieve the desired color.  WHATEVER GAWD that took forever.  Again, please keep in mind I am more of an instant gratification girl.  

Also, I couldn't find green fruit roll ups ANYWHERE.  If you have a stunted imagination like me, you will have a hard time finding a substitute.  I used some sour flat candy and cut it with tiny scissors into leaves.  

Lastly, I did go back at one point and read the directions on how to cut the tip of the bag to make beautiful little leaves and petals and I think I personally needed on more photo of how to do it.  It showed a little V in the baggie....I tried, maybe I cut the hole too big? Maybe I shoulda opted for the M cut out instead of the V? OH AND the frosting was very thin :(  Maybe a different brand or I could have tried to stick in the fridge for 15 minutes to firm it back up duh lol

All in all I am not sorry I paid double for the book or bought a 100 different items in order to make these four cupcakes.  It was great practice.  Which I needed.  And fun even if it only resulted in four beautifully imperfect sunflower cupcakes.


Special K

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  1. Kelli...these are SO beautiful! What a great idea...I would love to get this book. Cupcakes are all the rage! I am impressed with your decorating dang cute, girlie! Are the lady bugs M&M's? So sweet! YUMMY!