Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Firemen

The other day, as I was sitting at a stop light, I saw an accident.  Or what I thought was an accident.  There were firemen on the corner.  As I got to looking, there were firemen everywhere!  They were taking donations from all of the cars that came to a stop in the intersections.  I did a quick check in the mirror to see if I was presentable.  I suddenly realized my shirt was tucked UNDER my seatbelt.

Let me explain a little something that I am sure some women can relate to.  I am thirty eiaaaa eh hem, something.  When you put on your seatbelt you MUST untuck the blouse because it will:

1.  Show all your jelly rolls
2.  Wrinkle your blouse
3.  Show all your jelly rolls

Ok, now where was I? Firemen, yes that's right.  

They were approaching my car.  My blouse was untucked, hair presentable.  Then I happened to glance around in my car.  Holy Mother Of God!  Sheer panic ensued.  I look up and they are getting closer.  I wanted to do my part and donate the $1 I had in my purse.  My car looked as though someone had been living in it.  More precisely, my car looked as tho someone had merely broke into it to EAT in it.  Trash everywhere!

This is the point I feel I need to explain before moving on:  I have a 6 year old...I am gone for 12 hours a day...I do not have a husband to clean it out...I have a 6 year old.  Thank you for understanding.

I kept looking a the firemen, back in my car, firemen, car, firemen, car...I looked like I was feverishly shaking my head as if to say "yes yes yes come and take my dollar".  

How did I handle it you ask?

I pretended I didn't see them and drove away.


  1. I love yhis story,you make me laugh! Thanks for sharing this,I'm right with on the rolls hahaa

  2. This is the greatest....we CAN relate! I love this Kelli! XO LOL!!!!!!!!!