Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Shack

I have been DYING to tell you about this book, this awesome book that was given, er um, loaned to me by my wonderful friend Tina.  I am in desperate need of some powerful adjectives to describe this book.  Profound.  Creative.  Delightful.  Heartbreaking.  Hopeful.  

WARNING:  If you are a fire and brimstone Christian, this book is not for you.  This will go against everything you were raised to believe and you may think it the work of the devil.  If you believe our Lord is a loving God full of Grace, you MUST read this book NOW.  

It has been several weeks since I read the book but I don't think I can recall one single bible passage in there.  Yet, this little book has impacted me more than anything I have ever read.  Me the dork, the retard, the ONLY person in the world who thought God had a sense of humor.  The book left me with the DEEPEST understanding of how his love is for us.  His children.  I've heard and read we are his children but never understood the depth and meaning, until now.  

Ok, so I have yet to tell you about the book.  And I'm not going to.  Except to say this.  A Christian man loses a child.  Then receives a note requesting a meeting at the Shack where his child was abducted signed by "Papa", a secret family name for God.  

I will tell you there is a part in there about "judgement" that was soul shattering and heart wrenching.

I would love to go on and on and tell you lots of stuff and what I loved about this and that, but if I did, it would totally ruin it!  Trust me.  Read it.  I promise you will see God in a new light.


  1. Oh, I liked The Shack. I resisted a 'full' read after I skimmed it in the store one day. I'm a Catholic and it did seem to go against some of what I believe. But I read it because my mom liked it so much, and when i read it, I understood why. It doesn't really say anything against the Truth, and it is a good imaginative way of sharing that Truth.

  2. I really want to read this....I like to believe God is a loving and forgiving Man!!! Thanks again, Kelli! XO