Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are my eyeballs huge?

I have been very ill with Valley Fever for a couple of months now.  Wouldn't ya know it, school decided to start (not sure why it had to start now, maybe something to do with the fact that education is mandatory!).  I was running around all weekend trying to get last minute school supplies, exchanging school clothes, etc.  I'm sure we all were.  Sunday night (the night before school) we were up sorta kinda late.

 I must say that I cannot do too many things at home at once.  I lose track of time.  I tell my child to go to bed dang it and she PURPOSELY derails me somehow, someway, every time.  OK tangent over.

I am in the laundry room wildly folding clothes, looking horrible like I was in a scene from Night of the Living Dead, ready to burst into tears from sheer exhaustion....when I hear:

"Mama!  Are my eyeballs huge"?

And I turn...

And I look at this:

And I died right the spot.  Then I told her "you are SO lucky you make me laugh.  This is exactly why I haven't eaten you yet."  Some mothers in the wild eat there young you know.  Really.

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  1. This is so great...this pic could win a prize in a contest! LOL! Love it! XO