Saturday, September 25, 2010

So The Doctor Says...

Last week my feet & ankles swelled up really bad.  I have no idea why right?  I mean, this has only ever happened once and I was diagnosed with Arthritis.  This time though, they didn't hurt at all.  So no big deal, I wear the ugly shoes and try to cover with the long skirt I have.  Well the next day, the swelling had reached my ankles.  I showed a couple of coworkers and their mouths hit the floor.  They convinced me to go to urgent care.

Tangent - Let me tell you about urgent care lol.  We CVID'ers are not supposed to go to urgent care.  That place is where allllll the sickies go.  I must have been pretty desperate to go.  And frankly, I was desperate.  I had been trying over a week for someone to see me for some OTHER things that were going wrong.  No one would see me, so urgent care was my only option.

So, at urgent care, I sit WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY accross the room so I cannot get coughed on, sneezed on, spit on, etc.  LOL!  I did ask to see a specific doctor because she had seen me in the past.  Man, you always remember the good ones who actually TRIED to help you.  So in walks this...child playing dress up to look like a doctor.  Then she sits at the computer.  Wait! What? What the heck?  She was about 25....maybe, and I am being nice because I suck at guessing ages.  She looks over my chart and starts harassing me about an HIV test.  I'm like NO I've had 2, move on, she tells me Kaiser recommends we get one every year.  Ok well thats great and if I was actually HAVING sex maybe I would agree.  But frankly at this stage of my life, I do NOT one more diagnosis especially if its going to kill me.  NOPE do not want to know.  Told my lung doctor the same thing.  If I have lung cancer I don't want to know.  I will live out my life not knowing, not hooked up to freaking machines, not giving my poor child this horrible image of her mommy dying.

So, reluctantly, the doctor moves on.  Finally she looks up from the computer.  She says "You have too many things wrong with you and I cannot help you.  We are failing you and I am sorry".  WTF?  She did peer at my feet, point at them and said "THAT is NOT water retention".  Great thanks, what the hell is it???  As I was leaving, she half hugged me and patted me and said "I am just not that smart".  Then I went back to work with an unbelievable story about Kaiser Urgent Care.

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  1. Iam so sorry you went through all this,I have never in my life heard a Dr. say you have to many things wrong we can't help you WTF is right!