Sunday, August 7, 2011

IVIG & SubQ Side Effects

As promised to my CVID support group, here is the completed form for IVIG and SubQ side effects as well as suggestions for people at the end of the form. I personally went through HELL with my first doctor and side effects from IVIG. I do believe I had one of the longest running posts on What I wouldn't have given to have somewhere to read about the side effects that were not published, that my doctor could have read before she stopped all treatment because she couldn't "risk" it. I really hope this helps people in some way.

*NOTE: You can scroll to the bottom of the form and there are bars that will allow you to center it so you can read the entire series of questions.


  1. This is a nice form -- but I also REALLY like your fireflies and flowers ! Awesome site Kelli ! I haven't been on for awhile !

  2. What a awesome thing to do for those sharing your helpful! You are just such a wonderful lady! Xo