Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I was forced to go out on short term disability a couple of weeks ago.  I use the term "forced" very loosely.  I say forced because I didn't want to go out.  I had just gotten back in August.  I was out for 6 weeks for "Valley Fever".  I say " " because it wasn't VF.  Misdiagnosed.  Again.  Fricken Kaiser man...anyways.  I love my job, love the company I work for and love the people I work with.

There is another little piece to my story.  I am a single mom who NEVER asks for help.  Unless it involves ceiling fans then I call people.  Ok I RARELY ask people for help and I have an exceptionally hard time accepting help.  I have no idea why.  Pride? It is probable.

I get a phone call from my boss and was repeating a story of a friend who called and offered to help with my gardener.  I thought it was strange he offered out of the blue.  She says "oh speaking of help"...Apparently, our boss and his wife had the idea to start a sign up sheet for volunteers to bring my daughter and I a meal a week.  They had enough volunteers to get us one week past my journey to Colorado.  That is like 10 weeks away!  I was absolutely floored.  First of all, it was done, boom, bam, nothing I could do or say about it.  I tried to tell her that I can cook, I am ok, there are so many more needy people than us!  STOP THE MADNESS!  She told me to SHOOSH IT! Let people help and do not steal their blessings.  ACK FINE lol.

This "not stealing someones blessing" thing has been a huge lesson for me to learn.  You see, people like giving out blessings in many shapes and forms.  Whether it  be a random hug, craming a $20 bill in your hand as they flee for their life, buying you lunch, calling you and letting you do all the talking, and signing up to bring you meals when you are ill with a small child.  People give these things away, expecting nothing in return.  Can you believe that? I mean, I've seen people do it.  I try to bless my friends with a home cooked meal or a cooking lesson.  I just cannot believe something of this magnitude is being done for me.  I feel...guilty.  Undeserving.  I don't know why.  I think its because I feel all my needs are being met.  I need for nothing.  Would a meal be appreciated? HOLY COW UM YA lol.  There are lots of times we are doing cereal or frozen pretzels and cheese (which by the way my child loves because she can say the word "smorgasboard").

I have this idea to have a caramel cook off this weekend between brown sugar and white sugar caramel.  To see which one tastes better.  So far I have only done brown and we LOVE IT.  Then, I will package the caramel sauce in half pint canning jars with some fabric, a ribbon and note stating what is in it, and give it away as a thank you.  What do you think? Lame? I just don't think "thank you" is quite enough.

On an end note.......I am so abundantly blessed :)

Bye for now,

Special K


  1. I think that is a great idea to give and to say thanks. How about a homemade card from you and your daughter to go along with it?

    I am going to "follow" your blog.

    By the way, its me Lorena72 from DS. :)

  2. Thanks for following the blog :) A card signed by both of us will be attached, great idea, thank you so much :)

  3. Kelli...this tells me alot about you....your work family really LOVES you! I can tell you would be the kind of person I would love to sit down and have coffee or a glass of wine with! You are such a sweetheart! Whatever you do for saying "thanks" to these people...they will LOVE! Feel better....keep blogging....XO

  4. Girl I love coffee mmmmm maybe I need a cup now? haha Thank you for the remind me to post something new hehe I've been a little lazy