Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your Tummy Is So Soft!

I was laying in bed this past Saturday rubbing my tummy when my daughter, who is 7, walked in.  I was whining a little as I had done my SCIG infusion the night before and it was itching rather badly.  I do believe I have an allergy to the Emla numbing cream they give me.  Also, those teeny needles leave some nasty knots.  So, being the wonderfully observant, helpful, completely obsessed with everything naked child that she is, she offers to rub my tummy for me.  She is rubbing away when she says "mama your tummy is soooooooooo soft, why isn't it hard like mine? See, feel it" hahaha YES she did.  Then, giggling, because, well she said it so innocently and she was right, I felt her tummy.  Indeed it was hard as a rock, 6 pack-ish, abs galore.  I said oh wow you are right Jalen.  She proceeds to rub my tummy as quickly as she can and she says.......wait for it......."and its sooooooo floppy".  I died.  I will check in later.


  1. Awwww!!! Good thing that I don't have kids, or let anyone besides my hubby rub my belly..they will say "why is your belly like a bowl of jello?" LOL

  2. HAHAHA Kids say the funniest things. My child is constantly saying things that floor me.

  3. Kids are the best....they just are so honest, ya know? That was a great story, Kelli! XO