Thursday, November 4, 2010


Now that I have your attention.  There is this site, ok, well technically it is not new but I still felt an urge to share. I am not a girly girl.  Typically.  Unless it has to do with shoes.  I do not know why.  Maybe from all my years of not wearing high heels? Maybe now I am making up for it? Who knows.  I LOVE THIS SITE!

Ok so here's the premise: you take a little quiz and this site picks out a selection of shoes and bags for you once a month.  Everything is a flat price of $39.95, nice huh? Sometime between the first & fifth of the month you either pick a shoe or bag to purchase, or you decline.  No obligation.  If you do not make a selection by the 6th your card is charged and you would essentially have a credit to purchase something with.  I won't name names, but I was with another company for a couple of months and not ONCE could they get me a shoe I liked.  Shoe Dazzle nailed it on the first try.  To top it off, I got 50% off my first order, nice huh?  I felt the need to share the wealth with my fellow shoe whores.  Now go, click the link and be a girl (rawr).


Special K


  1. My TWO faavorite things i look for and and purses! Thanx for sharing! XO

  2. So far I love this company. Free, FAST shipping and returns. The first shoes I got were too big :( I ordered another pair today