Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Spirit

My daughter received her first Christmas card of the season today.  I almost totally ruined and as I slipped my finger under the envelope flap and ripped the card out and quickly read "Granddaughter, you're like a candy cane"...wha?? OH CRAP I cursed as I crammed the card back into the envelope, tried to lick it shut, turned it over and read my child s name on the front.  JUST my child's name, not mine.  Hmmmm. "Jalen you got a card" I yelled.  My gorgeous little girl was so excited opening her card.  She carefully read the envelope to see who it was from.  Her papa.  Then she read the card out loud, grinning from ear to ear.   I said "hey where's my card?" to which she replied "you don't get one, he loves me more than you".  HA! "no he does not" I quickly retorted.  To which my beautiful little seven year old baby replied "you are too old, you don't get them anymore, just me".  

I will be returning all of her gifts in the morning.

The end.


  1. LOL.....I loved this, Kelli! You have a great way of writing....down to earth, REAL and funny! OMG...little Jaylen is SO (way) cute! That picture of her is darling! You two must have so much fun together....thanx for sharing! I love your blog! Have a great wk-end! I plan to make your recipe for oatmeal choc chip cookies...I will let you know! Hope you are feeling well and we'll talk soon! Love~Tory

  2. Thank you so much Tory!!! I'm so glad someone likes the blog :) My daughter and I have a blast together. OMG those cookies are so good too! Let me know what you think.

  3. LOL that is precious!!!!!

    I love your blog too Kelli!