Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poor Eleanor Kitty

Did you just die over the utter cuteness of this picture?? I have died repeatedly.  THUD.  See there I go again.  This is Eleanore Kitty.  The picture was taken a couple of months ago but her sweetness is still the same if not more.  See we also have Theodore Kitty as seen here:

This picture actually made it as a community engagement picture for my employer on the wall of our event suite here in town.  He was a rescue kitty.  He CAME to us by way of Santa Claus last Christmas.  He needed a friend before he got too old and crotchety like most kitties do.  You cat lovers KNOW exactly what I mean. They hit this age where they simply will not tolerate company as THEIR house is simply NOT big enough and well, frankly, they don't like sharing.  Ok.  Total side track.  SO when we wanted another kitty, my child INSISTED we get that little rat at the top of my post.  I wanted a lil orange boy....ohhhh no not having it.  I wanted to name it Simon and Jalen wanted a girl to name Eleanore.  Anyone seeing a theme here?  Yes she was currently obsessed with the Chipmunks.  And guess who won the battle?  You guessed it!

Well, Eleanore kitty could not have proven to be anymore wonderful.  She was a cudddler, even with my crazy 7 year old who has done some pretty weird things to her. um EXAMPLE below:

THUD!  I died again.  I love this kitty.  She slept like this, in the death grip of my child, for hours.  When I tried to rescue her, my child SNATCHED her back in her sleep lol.  The kitty was calm and relaxed as if given a valium.  Needless to say we love Eleanore & Theodore very much.

The time came to get Eleanore spayed.  BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER PLEASE PEOPLE.  I once watched a special or something and found out that the more heats you allow your pets to go into, the higher risk they are of developing cysts.  Its actually unhealthy NOT to spay.  I am on temporary disability and $100 just didn't seem possible.  After a few calls and Google searches, I found someone who only charged a transportation fee of $25 to take the cat 2 hours away to Los Angeles to get spayed.  DONE.  They would require "tipping" the ear which is a universal sign the cat has been spayed.  

Fast forward to the night I picked her up.  HISSING and howling at me.  Get her home and set her up in the office, put a blankey in the corner and she literally FELL face first into it.  I petted her and apologized, tried to convince her it was for her own good.  She just stared at me as if to say "mama how could you?".  The next morning Eleanore was shaking and vomiting.  It was quite apparent my kitty was suffering.  So what do I do? Try to contact the rescue who took her, nothing.  Tried to call the vet in LA, no answer.  I blew them up and threatened to ruin them on my Facebook (Lord forgive me I swear I was worried).  FINALLY I emailed them and guess what? They actually responded in less than 10 minutes.  I begged for help for my little girl was in so much pain.  I am such a horrible mommy :(  I told them I had about 4 different pain meds and can I use any of those on her? (sidebar, I never throw medication away people and thank God because even though I can't take it the cat can).  This wonderful assistant found a Vet and called me back within 30 minutes with a dosage and a plan.  God I love this man.  

I carefully gave Eleanore her dose of Tramadol.  She slept for 2 hours.  SOLID - solid as a rock! HAHA sorry.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  She came walking over to me looking at me as if "pick me up mama", boy and when I did, that cat snuggled and rubbed and purred ALL over me for hours.  She would not let me put her down.  IT WORKED.  She loved me again and held no ill will for me putting her through hell.  She insisted on sleeping with me.  So, I built her a bridge made of pillows on both sides of the bed so she wouldn't have to jump.  She is doing A OK.

The point of this post?  Well to brag about the company who did her spay.  They are called Fix Nation.  They are wonderful. They fix feral cats for free.  It is a wonderful company.  Eleanore did get ear tipped meaning the smalled part of the tip of her right ear was cut off.  You can barely tell.  But she also got spayed, her 3rd set of shots, flea medication and thoroughly checked by a vet.  For free?  People this is unreal and so very important as I am a single mom on disability and absolutely could not have afforded to properly care for my cat at this very moment in time.  I am forever grateful to this company and cannot recommend them enough.


Special K

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  1. precious are these pictures??? Love Eleanor and Theodore!!! (love the cute!) I absolutly commend you on being pro-active on seeing your kitties get spayed. I am so sorry about Eleanor getting so sick....thank goodness you had something for her and she woke up back to her ol' self. Thanx for sharing these absolutly photos! XO