Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lupus skin biopsy

Ok, I had to stop by real quick and tell ya about my biopsy.  OMG I AM FREAKING TRAUMATIZED LOL I had to go to the dermatologist today to have him take a look at my head because of this:

Yes, my dang hair has been falling out in BLOBS people.  Most of you know this as I am not shy about anything.  Well, and I am PRETTY vocal.  I have all the symptoms of lupus:  Hair loss, fatigue, memory issues, pain, rash, swelling, etc.  I either make little or no antibodies so testing positive for lupus may be impossible.  

So in the beginning, this guy was running his fingers through my hair very thoroughly.  Have I mentioned I have not dated in a couple of years?  I considered this a date hehe.  Mind you the hair is falling out all over him.  Then he quickly states he needs a biopsy.  

Have you ever had a needle stuck in YOUR scalp?  Ok let me back up. I GOT the pleasure of watching him do my arm.  Needle in for numbing.  Blood.  Another guy comes in to talk to me about Botox for my wrinkles and surgery on my cleft lip (if you think you are confident, go see a dermatologist and ask about ONE DAM WRINKLE).  I look down and homeboy is cramming a hole punch into my arm.  Whatever in the world made me think this would be a little sliver of skin?  No.  Then comes the curved sewing NEEDLE.  Omg.  I've never seen stitches before.  Very cool.  At this point, I feel it completely appropriate to tell this stranger I am NOT emotionally ready.  It's just like a pap smear (sorry Mike) you MUST be emotionally ready to go through the procedure.  I was not emotionally ready, can we please wait? Then.  Lawdy...then he puts the needle in my scalp.  Which by the way didn't hurt nearly as bad as the arm.  Hole punch to the brain. Then the blood.  Yep.  The worst part?  The stupid little band aid they tried to put OVER the stitches in my hair.  

Ok.  I'm done whining.

You guys must love me to let me whine so much.

Special K


  1. Kelli... NONE of this is SO NOT funny!!! But, why is it you cracked me up while reading this??? I loved the part about you thinking you were on a date as the Doc ran his fingers thru your hair and about the botox...etc...you are funny! LOL! OK, now on a serious note, so sorry you had to go thru all of this stuff, Kelli...you are a strong woman! I hope they have some answers for you soon...plez, keep us posted...saying prayers for you! XO

  2. P.S. Yes, we do love you and NO...you are not a whiner what so ever! One tough cookie, i think....right, Lorena?! Love ya girls! XO

  3. Awww thank you chickie!! It was an experience thats for sure. Did I put the part in there where he told me to get a sugar daddy? LOL